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Workshop Descriptions for Saturday May 5, 2018

Alexandra Bley MS, CHT: A Conversation With Your Body

As women we are often excellent when it comes to nurturing and taking care of others, but when it comes to ourselves it can seem like a foreign concept. Do you find that you are more familiar with self-criticism than with a kind word? Loving yourself doesn’t have to take much time or cost anything it just takes some practice. Let me show you how to love your own heart more authentically by tapping into the wisdom of your body. The goddess within needs more love not less.

Alison Wood: Herbal Wisdom

Amanda Elo’Esh: 3 Secrets to Sacred Feminine Manifestation

In the 3 Secrets to Sacred Feminine Manifestation, Amanda shares how to work less and live more on purpose using the three most powerful (and surprisingly delicious) secrets for manifestation based on her 30+ years of working with Sacred Feminine Archetypes. If you’re ready to stop overwhelming yourself to get where you want to be, and start using your natural (but possibly hidden) feminine superpowers to share your gifts and be valued for your offerings, make sure to attend this life-changing workshop. You’ll leave with three powerful and pleasurable practices to live prosperously on purpose.

Anna Fastenko, CCH: 12 Homeopathic Cell Salts: easy to use and invaluable for body tissues

We will look into 12 Schussler tissue salts that are as great in acute conditions as they are perfect to use for those overwhelmed with the wider range of homeopathic remedies. If taken wisely and over a longer period of time, these mineral remedies ensure longevity and organ health. Bone density, joint and nerve pains, flabby muscles and veins, high blood pressure, PMS cramps, and chronic skin issues are just sample ailments that can be addressed with these remedies.

Anya Tyutyunik, L.Ac.: The Practice of Herbal Uterine steaming ~ Chai-Yok

Fallow the Heart Channel down to the Earth via the Bio Mal Uterine Vessel. This workshop will be an introduction to the  Philosophy and Practices of wise caring for the root and heart of the women’s body, by nurturing the womb. We will cover herbal vaginal steaming practices—basic recipes and practical ways.

Ayah Buonaugurio: The Art of Ceremonial Dance

Learn how to prepare sacred spaces based on ancient tools that have been commonly utilized by ancient Egyptians to modern day native cultures.

We open this workshop with “The Dance of Life.” It is a four directions dance that has roots in Cherokee tradition. This dance applies coordination yet is easy for everyone to learn and is a powerful tool for calling energy into a space. It allows for the heart to burst open with receptivity to the mother earth, all her elements, the higher cosmos, to unify and integrate all of these into the human body. It invokes true inner guidance with heart medicine and provides a way to bring communities together.

Receive a foundation to create a score or choreography that embodies the depth of your prayer. We create the space to allow the discovery our deepest heartfelt prayers. Whether one intends to use this workshop for performance art or personal ritual amazing breakthroughs are possible!

  • Preparing for ceremony
  • Invocation, offering, trance, grounding
  • Give attention to your intention. (Prayer as intention in performance art)
  • Archetypes, Directions, Elementals, Guides
  • Opening and Closing Circle

Carol Simone (aka “Simone”): Invoking Your Inner Quan Yin

She is always with you and will never leave you. With every breath she awakens gratitude and compassion. She is your tenderness, softness, your inner flower. This is the energy of the goddess of compassion, Quan Yin. Join me as my I share my journey with Quan Yin and then lead you on a shamanic healing adventure to invoke this deeply feminine aspect who resides in the temple of your Soul.
Celosia Mae Arcadia, aka Miss Moon: Movement, Yoga And Herbs for Teens and Girls- A Ritual of Self Care

Our Sacred Circle opens with breathing and centering exercises. Learn yoga poses and herbal remedies for releasing stress and anxiety. One of the biggest challenges to Self Care is stress so we will create a ritual to alleviate stress, a ritual that nurtures you and that you can utilize in your life, now and as you grow older.

Bring blanket or towel to stand and lie on and hat, in case of sun.

Copperwoman: CircleSong ~ Music is the Medicine ~ for women and girls

Join Copperwoman in singing songs that nourish feelings of closeness and unity, and assist in raising vibration, creating a fertile ground for prayer and healing. Bask in the Divine Silence that fills the space between songs.

Copperwoman is a “song-carrier.” The songs she catches emerge out of the energy and common experiences of our growing beings. They inspire us with wisdom and insights and rise from a place of core connection. Songwords will be provided—the songs are easy to learn nurture our feelings of being earth family. Music IS the Medicine!

Deanna Anderson: Village Beat Dance Class

Revitalize your body and soul with a joyful and healing movement experience. Develop grace, rhythm, focus, and strength as you explore the sensual and expressive dances from the Caribbean, Cuba, Africa, and Brazil.. Shy and beginning dancers are always welcome.

Here’s the basic class flow…

~ Beginning in stillness, we explore body connections supported by breath.
~ Then we play with structured yet organic dance patterns that move us towards more freedom and aliveness
~ So we can get wilder and joyfully sweaty learning traditional, original and creative dance movements inspired by world cultures.
~ We end in a circle, releasing into the sweetness of our voices, our breath, and the rhythm of the drums.

The Village . . . reminds us we are a community, not just a dance class
The Beat . . . is the rhythm, the energizing and healing vibrations from world dance cultures.
Village Beat is about community in joyful, powerful, creative motion.

Celebrate, Sweat, Release

Helene Rothschild: Body & Emotional Readings/Healings

A Fun and Transformational Workshop for Women with Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, LMFT

Katherine Glasa: True Vibrancy Wild Girl Dance for All Ages

DJ Katherine is a Movement Catalyst
who takes you on a journey that awakens
Your True Vibrancy – Body, Heart and Spirit.

Enjoy freestyle movement to soulful inspiring music. Katherine’s dances inspires authentic expression, Joyful Aliveness, Playfulness, Creativity, Freedom and Connection.

Layla Centorrino: Changing Woman—Women in Transition

For women who’s cycle is changing or ending. We will explore this potent Alchemy of the “blood drawing up” Peri MenoPause, Queen, Crone.

Luzia: Let’s Talk Spirituality with Luzia

Integrating spirit combines Luzia’s knowledge and experience as a pastoral counselor with her wisdom and aptitude as a spiritualist. Her presence creates a feeling of permission and safety that allows the unknown, unthinkable, and unimaginable to emerge and be recognized with respect.

Marti Foster: Awakening Your Sensuality Yoga Practice

Meredith Brown: Nourishing the Family

This workshop focuses on how to feed yourself and your family a nutrient-dense diet.  Learn more about how to sneak in extra nutrients, as well as medicinal herbs that can be used in cooking. Cooking in this way not only builds immunity and a strong body, but also improves the mood, temper, and cognitive ability of children.

We’ll start with feeding babies and then move through the day with healthy breakfast looks like, awesome school lunches, quick dinners, nutrient-dense snacks, and fun drinks. We’ll talk about what to feed the kiddos, and what not to feed the kiddos. And we’ll talk about how to do it without spending your life in the kitchen.

*Includes handouts of a weekly meal plan and ideas for all meals of the day.

Nimisha Gandhi: Balance Your Hormones To Balance Your Life with Ayurveda and Functional Medicine

Nimisha will start with a short meditation practice that will change your microbiome, reduce inflammation, and balance your hormones. She will go over the role hormones play in your vitality and how your gut health is essential in maintaining balance on your endocrine system. She will touch on the microbiome, aligning with the moon, holistic nutrition, functional medicine, ritual, and good vibes. Did you know that your ovaries and fallopian tubes have their own microbiome and what we eat directly affects our reproductive organs? Weaving Ayurveda with the latest scientific research, Nimisha will give you tools to tune in to your body and create harmony within.


Revital Carroll, CSB, CMT, RYT: Rejuvenation Practices for Health and Vitality

Our vital energy is generated by our sex organs and circulated through our body to nourish and harmonize our internal systems, thus maintaining optimal health and natural radiance. In this workshop you will learn simple and effective techniques to restore your youthfulness, boost your immunity, and promote greater health and vitality by cultivating your sexual energy.

Tara Simms: Sisterhood Circle Girls (Age 5-14)

Taya Shopen: Sealing Ceremony for Women in Transition: Restore Your Strength

We are proud to bring a powerful and sacred ceremony for women to our area. A Sealing Ceremony or Swaddling ceremony, it’s a unique ritual that helps the woman reclaim her strength and power. This process is a great way to finish/close the transitional periods of life, such as giving birth, moving to a different place, recovering from a serious illness or a divorce. Sealing ceremony is a way to get the sacred place, space and deep attention for woman’s heart and soul, for her body and womb, to recreate the ability to live in joy and wisdom, to bring her energy back and close her energy “Gates” so she can become whole again. It’s a beautiful mothering ritual that awakens the inner light and connects her with source. At the Women’s Healing Conference we’ll talk about different methods of recovery and demonstrate the traditional way to make a rebozo massage. In addition to teaching a workshop at 2:30pm, please also join us in Meditative Tent during lunch time for some demos!