Katherine Glasa

Katherine inspires women to connect with their inner resources, community and the Greater Web of Life. In her group classes and personal somatic healing sessions, she empowers you to develop what best nurtures Mind, Body, Heart & Soul to Awaken Your Vibrant Aliveness, Wellness, Wisdom and Inspiration. She is an Intuitive Counselor, Breath & Somatic Therapist, Trauma Healing Practitioner, Reiki & Energy Work Teacher, DJ, Earth-Honoring Minister, and Wedding Officiant. Find out about Katherine's group breathwork journeys, Reiki classes, conscious community dances, full moon circles, and Schedule Your Complimentary 20-min Somatic Healing Phone Consult at www.TrueVibrancy.com

Workshops taught by Katherine

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Odelia & Anya

Odelia is a Mayan Comadrona (midwife) from Guatemala. Anya Tyutyunik, L Ac., is a nationally certified & California licensed acupuncturist, and a Masters’ Diplomate in Oriental Medicine who specializes in internal medicine, chronic diseases and women’s health. Odelia and Anya will facilitate two workshops, each focused on how uterine health determines whole body health and the creativity of a woman’s soul. Odelia uses the Temascal, the herbal steam sauna, in her daily practice to address feminine ailments through deep abdominal massage, vaginal steams called bajos by Mayans, powerful herbal remedies and rituals. Wildcrafting herbs for her steams, she tailors to each woman’s individual needs, treating issues such as infertility, repeat miscarriage, tilted or prolapsed uterus, and painful menstruation. To schedule sessions with Odelia and Anya, please visit AnyasPractice.com***

Workshops taught by Odelia and Anya


Marzieh Gachpour

Marzieh Gachpour is from Iran. She is an active performer that has participated in community and cultural events for the past ten years. Currently she is teaching Persian Baba Karam, Khaligey,  Bandary, traditional, classic and modern Persian dances, and belly dance at Mountain View Community Center. She is also a performer at Persian restaurants such as Bijan restaurant and Saghi Resturant, on Fridays and Saturdays. Marzieh also is a makeup artist and costume designer and enjoys to design and make costumes with her students. Click here to connect with Marzieh and find out about her classes and offerings. Join Marzieh on May 7, 2016 to experience Persian Dance.

Workshop taught by Marzieh


Alchemist Alex

Alchemist Alex makes custom aromatherapy perfumes, body and self-care products for sensitive women. Her mission is awaken the beauty, richness, and enjoyment of being so sensitive. Join Alex and blend your own handmade perfume on May 7, 2016. Alex Mart is a combination of delicious scents plus emotional, physical and energetic tools for creating the state you want. As sensitive beings, taking care of and enhancing our immediate environment has a direct impact on the way we feel and operate. Alex has been been crafting natural skin and body products for over 5 years, and specializes in custom perfumes for sensitive individuals, as well as as custom products for healers’ practices and clients. She leads DIY blending workshops all over the Bay Area to empower others to use essential oils in their daily lives. Explore Alchemist Alex’s organic line of aromatherapy perfumes, sprays and body products on her Etsy shop.

Workshops taught by Alchemist Alex


Karina Ghor

Karina Ghor is a certified sound healer practitioner specializing in the technology of creativity. With her voice, she awakens body awareness to rewire your nervous system and activate the healing potential of your being. During sound healing sessions Karina integrates transformative tools of breath, movement, rhythm and sacred instruments. She invokes the embodiment of love, happiness and peace. Check out her private sessions, and sound healing events in the SF Bay Area with bands ANIINA, and Sonic Mystery. Find out about ANIINA sound healing journeys on the Peninsula here.

Workshops with Karina Ghor

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Jovani is a vocalist, pianist, songwriter, sound healer and visual artist. Jovani is a certified “Universal Energy Healing Master” in the Sri Lanka tradition of Spiritual Human Yoga. Following her heart and intuition, Jovani strives to empower self and others, which provides more chi = wellness. As an ambassador for the light, she delivers the breath of life through the lungs of spirit via her voice. In addition to the voice, Jovani utilizes various instruments during healing sessions, such as an Indian shruti box, shakers and hand drums. Attend her sound healing events in the SF Bay Area with bands ANIINA, and Sonic Mystery, and check out her art and music at www.jojoworks.com

Workshops with Jovani

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Camella Nair

Camella Nair has been immersed in yoga since the age of 17 when her mother wanted someone to go with to a class. Since then she has trained and studied in India, England and the USA. Not only hatha yoga or the yoga of mindful postures, but as a priest performing baptisms, weddings and funerals. She has written 2 book on yoga, Aqua and Prenatal, and trains yoga teachers as well as running specialist workshops and retreats. She has taught at yoga conferences internationally and teaches with passion and humor. 

Yoga with Camella Nair

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Taya Shopen

Taya Shopen, designer of women apparel and accessories, and mandala maker, helps women through the creation of arts and crafts to connect with themselves, become aware of their true wishes, clear the path for manifestation and take ownership of their lives. Join Taya on May 7, 2016 for her Hands-On Create: Dreamcatcher workshop. Creative work allows you to better know yourself and your true potential, reveals your inner resources, and gives you the power and courage to act and be the creator of your own life. Please explore Taya’s handmade treasures at: www.etsy.com/shop/tayasthings

Workshops taught by Taya Shopen

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Kelly Dearie

Kelly Dearie is a mother, teacher, and natural chef who helped her husband heal from two serious diseases deemed incurable by Stanford doctors. Through Creative Cultures, Kelly’s healing drinks are now sold throughout the bay area, soon to be distributed nationwide. Creative Cultures supports local, organic farms and is committed to sustainable practices like composting, and eco-friendly packaging. Please explore Kelly’s classes, hand-crafted fermented beverages, and cleanses at www.creativeculturesfoods.com.

Workshops with Kelly

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Aea Luz

Aea Luz is a Singer/Songwriter with an achingly beautiful voice, Aea Luz sings directly to the heart’s journey toward authentic spiritual awakening. Channeling wisdom rooted in deep humanity, her soulful music is pure medicine. You can sample and purchase Aea’s music here: www.aealuz.bandcamp.com and you can be in touch with Aea here: www.aealuz.com.  Join Aea on May 7, 2016 as she plays a concert for us during the lunch break.

Lunchtime Concert by Aea Luz


Heidi Patton

Hi everyone, my name is Heidi Patton. I currently work in the Environmental Education department of Hidden Villa, where I teach and explore with young children on the farm and in the wilderness. I am an aspiring naturalist currently taking part in the Hidden Villa Naturalist Training program, where I am specializing in herbal medicine. My coworkers often find me snooping around the garden with clippers, looking for the next bundle of herbs to hang up in my already over-crowded bedroom, and that I eventually brew up into a healing infusion. I am excited to share the things I have been discovering with you! Join Heidi on May 7, 2016 on an early morning herb walk around the beautiful ground of Hidden Villa!

Herb Walk led by Heidi


Tara Simms

Tara Simms, is a credentialed teacher with 12 years of teaching experience with ages 3 to 18. Tara has a background guiding children in various outdoor adventures with the intention of opening to and nurturing their own personal relationship to nature. Her passion for the creative process, the natural world, and her love of children, have led her to focus her days on doing what she loves by focusing on all three. Currently Tara works with families that local homeschool with Ocean Grove Charter School. She continues to be ignited by Environmental Psychology and Eco-Psychology and enjoys supporting children to create environments where they are free to be curious, creative, and wallow in wonder. Tara is working towards a certificate in a mentoring program for facilitating long-range girl’s circles. Tara can be contacted at 1tarasimms@gmail.com.

Workshops with Tara Simms

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