Alchemist Alex

Alchemist Alex makes custom aromatherapy perfumes, body and self-care products for sensitive women. Her mission is awaken the beauty, richness, and enjoyment of being so sensitive. Join Alex and blend your own handmade perfume on May 7, 2016. Alex Mart is a combination of delicious scents plus emotional, physical and energetic tools for creating the state you want. As sensitive beings, taking care of and enhancing our immediate environment has a direct impact on the way we feel and operate. Alex has been been crafting natural skin and body products for over 5 years, and specializes in custom perfumes for sensitive individuals, as well as as custom products for healers’ practices and clients. She leads DIY blending workshops all over the Bay Area to empower others to use essential oils in their daily lives. Explore Alchemist Alex’s organic line of aromatherapy perfumes, sprays and body products on her Etsy shop.

Workshops taught by Alchemist Alex