Copperwoman is a Cancer Thriver...In 2004 and 2005 she underwent treatment for breast cancer. She wrote a CD of songs during her healing journey. For example, "They're gonna radiate me, I'm radient." She is happy that she lived to keep on bringing songs through and gathering people together to pray, harmonize and sing.

"Open your heart, Let your voice come through, Just the way you do it, Nothing to compare to." Copperwoman has been gifted in this lifetime to "catch" songs for us—for people who want to sing together to raise the collective vibration in a prayerful way, and for those who might be afraid to sing. She offers a safe space in which to find your voice and express that which lives within and wants to come out vocally.

Copperwoman brings people together to sing in gatherings called "CircleSong" from Santa Cruz to Arcata and has been an integral part of the ritual backbone at the thrice annual Women's Herbal Symposium in Laytonville. She has several CDs of original "singable" tunes. Having visited Peru seven times, Copperwoman carries an energy of pachamama and a certain depth of ancient connected earth culture. Let's sing! visit her website here.

Workshops with Copperwoman

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