Dr. Fabienne Slama ACC, PhD, MA (AKA Fab)

Fab is an Emotional Healing Therapist guiding woman and sometimes men facing heartbreak to go from falling down to moving on and empowering them to create the FabYOUlicious life they desire.

Born in France, Fab is a biochemist by training, an internationally collected bronze sculptor, and the single mother of two. Taking inspiration from her own journey, author of Renaissance Woman, public speaker and creator of programs like Heartbreak 911 and Rebirth, Fab supported in the past years hundreds of women to transform from the inside out and thrive after life transition.

Using a combination of regression hypnotherapy, core energy coaching, energy healing and so much more, she unlocks the deepest blocks and allows her clients to go from fear to joy in a minimum amount of time.

Enjoy an “I Want My Life Back!!!!” discovery session with Fab
Go to www.fabyoulicious.com or contact me on +1 (650 888 7721)