Elliotte Mao

Elliotte Mao is a Tai Chi Instructor, Reiki and QiGong practitioner, consultant and lecturer for a Japanese natural wellness research institute. She has taught Tai Chi for almost 20 years at fitness centers, hospitals, schools and employee health programs at Oracle and Genentech. Embracing the holistic synergy of body, mind and spirit, she designs curriculums that energize, nourish and heal. Successful in her classes for all age groups and gender, she is especially proud of her courses for WOMEN – most notedly her Tai Chi for Women classes.  Please visit our Workshop page to learn more about Ms. Mao’s class!  If you need more information, please feel free to go to my website at www.MaoTaiChi.com or contact me at (650) 868-3745  cellphone and elliottemao@hotmail

Workshops taught by Elliotte Mao

2014 • 2013