Please email Katherine: glasak (at) yahoo (dot) and share which of the following options you are choosing, so we can update our attendees list.

  • Reimbursement - Receive a 50% reimbursement on your ticket if you cancel by latest 4/16/2017.
  • Gift - Gift your ticket to another woman. You are responsible for finding a replacement, but we can let you know if we happen to know of another woman in need who would benefit from your ticket. There are women in our community who are very limited on funds and who are recovering from illness.
  • Sell - Find a buyer for your ticket. You are responsible for finding a buyer. But we can let you know if we know of another woman who may want to buy your ticket. You can announce your ticket sale by writing a posting on our community Facebook page, and on the Facebook event page for April 23rd, 2017.