Holli McCormick

Holli McCormick created Practice Joy as a means to share her own personal journey out of a life she did not even realize was less than healthy on all levels. As she continued to “wake up” to the fact her relationships – including with herself – were less than what she ultimately dreamed of…she realized others might also benefit from her knowledge she has gleaned about living as a woman in a society still dominated by the class structure of Hierarchy. Her concept with Practice Joy focuses on being a Catalyst to lead others to learn how to accept themselves. She believes that by learning your past as women and by giving voice to your own experience as a woman, you can learn to rephrase your thoughts – expanding your mind’s abilities to receive and offer love and forgiveness. This in turn “rephrases”  your body’s wiring…leading you to acceptance of yourself and of others. This in turn leads to a greater ability to connect to those around you. This process continually leads you to balance and harmony of both your internal and external worlds…changing the dance of the world…brining healing to your corner of the Earth.  www.practicejoycoach.com, practicejoycoach@gmail.com

Workshop Session #4 ~ 5:15 pm-6:30 pm, 2013

Workshops taught by Holli McCormick