Kelly Dearie

Hi, I'm Kelly Dearie.
Through divine inspiration, I have invented hundreds of recipes and discovered creative ways to make delicious, healing foods that make your body hum with joy. I want to share my passion with you!

I fell in love with raw, fermented and nutrient-dense foods as I supported my husband's natural healing from two serious diseases (deemed incurable by medical doctors). Charlie canceled a life-threatening surgery and fully recovered.

That was 10 years ago. Since then, I learned as much as I could about the healing power of foods and we've been mostly doctor and pharmaceutical free ever since. (It's no fun paying for medical insurance when you never use it!)

I can't tell you how empowering it feels to have the courage, wisdom and ability to keep my body healthy in a way that is safe and natural- without any needles, drugs or antibiotics. All my hormonal, mental and immune issues are resolved.  I rarely get sick and when I do, it doesn't stop me from taking care of business as usual. I am so grateful that my family has received the blessing of good health and I want to share my secrets with you!

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