Kenna A. Toney

Hey All. 

Every few months I run into somebody who asks, "How did you go from politics & academia to Holistic Wellness?" Or says, "Your the last person I would have thought would cut their locs!" 

I was burning the candle at both end for a loooong time. Full-time job, grad school, single mom . . . Triple Negative Breast Cancer. My Stanford oncologist told me to, "go home and stay there, the couch the bed, but most of all STOP WORKING." 

She was really sweet but her reality and mine were two different things. "Let your father, husband or brother take care of you. You should never work a full-time job again; your body can no longer handle it."

I needed my direct deposit every 2 weeks, so I kept dragging my a** to work.  A few weeks later I woke up and my hands were hurting. I went in to work. By lunch there were blisters all over both hands. I informed my supervisor & was told to leave if I needed to head out to Stanford. I drove from Oakland to Stanford. My nails fell out & the skin on my hands fell off. At the doctors they informed me that this was my bodies response to too much stress & to GO HOME. 

The next day I returned to work only to find a write up for excessive absences. They wrote me up for going to the doctors the day before!!!   They were causing me STRESS but I needed both the medical benefits AND my pay . . . so I kept going to work & they kept harassing me for leaving early one day a week to go to the oncologist. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks and the doctor is examining me. I could tell by the look on her face she felt it . . . the tumor was TWICE the size it was when I started chemo. 

I was forced to resign. 

My response was to look for Holistic remedies for both the cancer & stress. I had been attuned many years before to give Reiki. I called my Reiki Master teacher and she put me in touch with sooooo many wonderful healers, other Master teachers & holistic modalities. 

After one round of chemo and picking up NO pharmaceuticals from the pharmacy I declined any more Western medicine (more chemo & radiation). Instead I became certified in Kemetic Yoga, Essential oils therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Womb Yoga, Sound Healing, Acutonics, ThetaHealing, Yoni Steam, Sacred Woman, Crystal/Stone Therapy, Womb Yoga, and more; my personal healing regimen.  

It is my passion to offer Holistic Products, Services & Retreats (events) worldwide. 



* Hand Crafted Beeswax Candles, Rolled, Poured & Dipped

* Soaking Salts 

* Essential Oil Mists & Blends 

* Crystal Sets 

* Young Living Oils

* Nature's Sunshine Products 


🔸 Kemetic Yoga

🔸 Chakra Balancing 

🔸 Aura Clearing 

🔸 Reiki 

🔸 ThetaHealing 

🔸 Holistic Wellness Coaching

🔸 Crystal/Stone Therapy

🔸Sacred Woman Consultations 

🔸 Essential Oils Therapy 

🔸 Sound Healing

🔸 Womb Yoga

RETREATS and Events 

🔺 Monthly Womban's Shut-In & Fast 

🔺 Northern California Sacred Woman Circle

🔺 National Head Wrap Day - California Edition 

🔺 2hr, 4hr & Half Day Workshops 

🔺 Day Long, Weekend & Week Long Holistic Wellness Retreats 

Unifying a range of natural, holistic wellness modalities to help people achieve optimal health and well-being through the alchemy of plant medicine, breath, movement & meditation. 

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