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Katherine Glasa

Transform Painful Stress into Peaceful Vitality
Somatic Healing – Breathwork – Intuitive Counseling – Reiki – Mindfulness – Shamanic Practices – Nurturing Rituals. Schedule Your Free 30-min Intro Session and receive invitations to Reiki training,  group breathwork journeys, full moon circles and other transformational events. Visit: www.truevibrancy.com

Alina Shkrab

Alina is natural intuitive empath and channel who accesses the Akashik records. If you are looking for clarity and lasting change, Alina will offer you a compassionate, deep, practical, clear and concise reading for you and your loved ones. Receive insights and guidance for creating the life that you desire, clear challenges, activate your gifts so you can shine. Contact Alina: alinaairs@yahoo.com or 1-408-206-5280

Cheryle Gail

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage for Adults, and Pre/Post Natal & Infant Massage. 28 Years Experience. Home Visits. Cheryle’s massages are lovely, relaxing, decadent and highly effective for loosening, lengthening and elongating hypertonic muscles. FIRST TIME CLIENTS RECEIVE 90-min massage for $90 (price of 1-hr). Cheryle helps you to solve the underlying problem causing the discomfort. She empowers clients with individualized stretches, roller work and postural changes which when practiced regularly and consistently give a lifetime of self help and contribute to good health.
cheryle.gail@gmail.com •  408-679-5301 www.heavenunderthemoon.com

Callia Wolff

Wolff Healing Arts

Specializing in CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, and Massage Therapy. Santa Clara, CA

Visit: wolffhealingarts.wordpress.com

Ani Adams

It is my pure joy to offer to you Anointings & Inhalations of sacred aromatic energy medicines, in the form of botanical perfumes~ prayer templates. These are the creations of my heart and soul, which I have been channeling for the past 25 years. I love encoding these anointing perfumes with passionate prayers for living in pure awareness, love, truth, beauty, vibrant wellbeing, & optimum creativity! The vibrant aromatic healing molecules of Gaia’s precious flowers and plants are alchemized with potent prayer templates to attune us ever more with authenticity and illumination. Wholistic perfumer: www.gaiaperfumes.com

Elliotte Mao

is a Tai Chi Instructor, Reiki and QiGong practitioner, consultant and lecturer for a Japanese natural wellness research institute. She has taught Tai Chi for almost 20 years at fitness centers, hospitals, schools, county organizations and major corporations (Oracle, Stanford Credit Union, Genentech). Embracing the holistic synergy of body, mind and spirit, she designs curriculum that energize, nourish and heal. Successful in her classes for all age groups and gender, she is especially proud of her courses for WOMEN – most notedly her Tai Chi for Women classes. http://maotaichi.com/

Dr. Carley Fardell, DC

Synergy Sports Chiropractic

Los Gatos, CA.


Anya Tyutyunik, L.Ac., NCCAOM Diplomate

Acupuncture, Herbology, Wholefood Supplement & Bodywork

RECEIVE A 50% OFF INTRO SESSION at her office in Los Altos, CA.
(917) 204-2360
Visit: www.anyaspractice.com

Nadya Anisimova

Nadya is a deeply intuitive massage therapist who will adapt her mothering, nurturing style of Esalen massage  to suit your needs and help your body to relax and heal. Having experienced motherhood herself, she is especially sensitive to the changing needs of a woman's body, both prenatal and postnatal. She is studying Cranial Sacral and brings that into her work as well.

Her love of yoga and dance, as well as her fascination with discovering new ways to listen to & read the body through her hands, has lead Nadya to develop and refine her wide variety of techniques. Her unique style address body issues combines deep effective body work, patience, energy, trust and presence, which allows her clients to open up and achieve true relaxation. If needed, she can also integrate techniques using her feet and bodyweight

As a receiver, you can feel when a therapist is at one with their work. Nadya listens to what the body is telling her throughout the session, and she will provide a totally customized massage experience that is effective, long-lasting and nurturing.

Karina Ghor

Karina Ghor  is a certified sound healer practitioner specializing in the technology of creativity. With her voice, she awakens body awareness to rewire your nervous system and activate the healing potential of your being. During sessions Karina integrates transformative tools of breath, movement, rhythm and sacred instruments. She invokes the embodiment of love, happiness and peace. Karina  is available for private and group sessions.

Contact Karina by phone: (650) 469-3695
email: soundmudra@gmail.com •  www.soundmudra.com

Svetlana Yesin DDS

is an integrative dentist practicing in San Francisco, CA.  She graduated from the UCSF School of Dentistry with a DDS degree and BS in Dental Sciences in 2002. Although schooling and experience prepared her well for technical aspects of  the  profession, the dentistry that she practices today is far more than a technique. In her practice she considers the biological effects that dentistry has on the entire body.In her office she uses state of the art equipment, biocompatible materials, nutritional support and alternative healing modalities to help patents achieve optimal oral health.

She is passionate about minimally invasive dentistry, teeth remineralization, periodontal health, developmental Gnathology, metal free and mercury-safe dentistry. For more information: www.dryesin.com

Dr. Fabienne Slama ACC, PhD, MA (AKA Fab)

Fab is an Emotional Healing Therapist guiding woman and sometimes men facing heartbreak to go from falling down to moving on and empowering them to create the FabYOUlicious life they desire.

Born in France, Fab is a biochemist by training, an internationally collected bronze sculptor, and the single mother of two. Taking inspiration from her own journey, author of Renaissance Woman, public speaker and creator of programs like Heartbreak 911 and Rebirth, Fab supported in the past years hundreds of women to transform from the inside out and thrive after life transition.

Using a combination of regression hypnotherapy, core energy coaching, energy healing and so much more, she unlocks the deepest blocks and allows her clients to go from fear to joy in a minimum amount of time.

Enjoy an “I Want My Life Back!!!!” discovery session with Fab
Go to www.fabyoulicious.com
or contact me on +1 (650 888 7721)


Taya Shopen

Taya Shopen is a Doula and a Coach who supports women during pregnancy and in labor and also during the transition periods in life. In her work she uses different traditional ritual practices, coaching tools and body-oriented ways to work with life challenges. She also uses Family Constellation methods and Resource Therapy. 

Her purpose is to support women in reconnecting with their inner source. Taya sees every woman as a Creator of new worlds and new lives. She believes that we may live in healing flow at every moment of our life. We learn and grow by giving birth, by dancing and crying, by singing and listening, by hugging our inner girl and talking to ancestors. Together we can hear the call of our inner power more clearly and live with joy and gratitude. tayashopen@gmail.com


Jovani is a vocalist, pianist, songwriter, sound healer and visual artist. She is a certified “Universal Energy Healing Master” in the Sri Lanka tradition of Spiritual Human Yoga. Following her heart and intuition, Jovani strives to empower self and others, which provides more chi = wellness.  As an ambassador for the light, she delivers the breath of life through the lungs of spirit via her voice. In addition to the voice, Jovani utilizes various instruments during healing sessions, such as an Indian shruti box, shakers and hand drums.

Jovani is available for private one on one sessions, as well as group sessions with Sonic Mystery. For more infor:Contact: Jovani@jojoworks.com Listening: www.jovani.jojoworks.com

Yael Acrich, CMT

Craniosacral, Reiki Master
(408) 836-6078
Los Altos, CA

Dr. Aum

is a Naturopathic Doctor and Fertility Specialist. She has been in private practice for close to 10 years and has spent 4 years, in addition to Naturopathic training, to study homeopathy from prominent healers in India and the US. Dr. Aum is also certified in Restorative Medicine and Ayurveda, and has a vast array of tools that help couples to conceive. Currently, Dr. Aum sees clients in San Jose and Oakland.


Tish Galloway

Hola My Sweet Sisters, I am organically home grown right here in the “Valley of the Heart’s Delight.” I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, and a grandmother. I am your cheerleader for your passionate life! I am SheWhoSpeaksFromHerHeart. I have been doing my sacred work for 26 years now which include a number of modalities. I specialize on creating, remembering, inviting, listening, healing and loving on you. Yes, LOVING ON YOU!  I have studied w/Brant Secunda in Santa Cruz, the always will remember Crowman, and Clan Mother Hua Anwa creator of Cycles of Empowerment. I come from a sacred space of love. Would you like to dance? SpeaksFromHerHeart creator of Our Sacred Space Wellness Center in Willow Glen www.oursacredspace.com (408) 445-2420.

Sharon McDaniel

Sharon McDaniel is Certified in Yoga Meets Dance, Massage, Life Coaching and is a Tantra and Sensuality Teacher. She has been a Bodyworker and Healing Facilitator for 25 years. She loves helping people recharge their energy and feel more connected, playful, sensual, embodied and renewed. She lived in Maui for many years, but now lives in Sebastopol, just north of the Bay Area.

Website: www.RadiantRenewal.com
E-mail: hwgoddess@yahoo.com