Marti Foster

As a young child, Marti was afflicted with scoliosis, a lateral curvature of the spine. Hence, yoga was prescribed to heal a possibly debilitating condition. Over many years of dedication to her own yoga practice, the condition was completely cured. Through this experience she saw how transformational yoga can be for the Physical Self. In 1994 she created her company, The Yoga Solution. Marti teaches Vinyasa Yoga, a form in which a sequence of asanas are linked to complement one another resembling a choreographed dance. Different than other yoga professionals, this instructor offers a unique artistic experience. Each class is individually choreographed and set to music and is a one of a kind experience. Matti’s interpretation of Hatha yoga is an integration of body, mind and spirit. For info on public, private and corporate yoga classes, plus healing events and  personal healing sessions, whether rehabilitating from an injury, pregnant, or experiencing chronic stress, please visit

Workshops with Marti Foster



photo by Stevie Abrams