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Free Mini-Healing Session Providers May 4, 2019

The following practitioners will provide complimentary 15-minute mini-healing sessions during lunchtime from about 12:30-2:30pm in our outdoor village. Sessions are available only on a first-come first-served basis, and according to practitioner availability. You can add your name to the mini-healing session sign-up sheets at the Registration Desk. Please limit your sign-ups to give opportunity to more women to receive sessions.

Deanna Anderson

Healing/ Revitalizing Somatic Table Work Sessions

To learn more about Deanne’s work, please visit her: website or email her.


Charina Cabanayan

Charina Cabanayan

Mini Post Natal Healing Sessions

Bengkung belly binding’s roots are found in Malaysia however there are many cultures around the world that incorporate various techniques in wrapping the belly after birth. Bengkung belly binding utilizes a long strip of cloth, usually cotton, muslin or silk to wrap and support the body. Wrapping is most effective in the first year after birth while Relaxin is still present in the body. However you may continue to wrap well into the second year or as long as you need until your healing journey is complete.


Ayah Buonaugurio


Sexual Sovereignty Breakthrough Session

Sexual sovereignty  is not only about owning your identity, gaining pleasure and freedom, but it’s the ability to live a life where you are completely connected & activated to create success through harmonizing with your female hormones & reproductive power. You’ll be guided to recognize negative emotional cycles & toxic relationship patterns that have been blocking the gateway to true pleasure. Gain insight into the your root cause of reproductive dis-ease in your ancestry. We’ll Align to your higher power to clarify what you really really want for your health and Sexual vitality in this time. Bio

Howla Jardali

7 Chakra Astrology Readings

Receive a mini-reading that will reveal your Ruling Karmic Planet and Power Chakra and be guided through a social invocation practice releasing the shadows while Invoking positive planetary affirmations to free your energy flow. Email Howla


Alisha Herrick

Osazuke Prayer

Osazuke prayer is a singing prayer to
heal ailments of the body. In Tenrikyo, it is believed that human beings were created to live a joyous life. Followers of Tenrikyo who are able to administer the Osazuke are called Yoboku.


Siberian Shaman Shakuntali

Shamanic Taro Card Readings

Ask your most sacred questions about life predestination, relationship, health, abundance and receive mini-reading from Siberian shaman Shakuntali.


Norma De La O

Shamanic Healings

Shamanic healings help with health issues, menstrual cycle, anxiety, depression and unhealthy relationships to open the path of abundance. More importantly they facilitate self-love and open you to an honest understanding of yourself and purpose.


Leysan Fatykhova-Villasenor

Ayurvedic Marma therapy mini-sessions

MARMA THERAPY is an ancient Indian practice in Ayurveda whose focus is the manipulation of subtle energy (prana) in the body for the purposes of supporting the healing process. MARMA THERAPY is based on the utilization of 107 points in the body which are considered to be access points to body, mind and consciousness.


Daksha Rajagopalan

Aura-Soma and Crystal Healing

Aura-Soma helps you trust your intuition and feel empowered, while strengthening, balancing and protecting your aura. Harnessing the vibrational powers of crystals, plants and Mother Nature, Aura-Soma uses the highest quality organic and biodynamic ingredients to bring ease, calm and balance to your energetic system. Visit her website. Bio

Olga Kuznetsova

Mini Fairy Readings and Healing

Communicating with elementals, bringing in messages and healing from them for your life situations in relationship, personal growth, or professional life where it’s hard to make decisions or you just wish to change it for the better. You might have a question about your next step or you might want to have more information about something in order to move on. Bio