Nadya Anisimova

Nadya is a deeply intuitive massage therapist who will adapt her mothering, nurturing style of Esalen massage  to suit your needs and help your body to relax and heal. Having experienced motherhood herself, she is especially sensitive to the changing needs of a woman's body, both prenatal and postnatal. She is studying Cranial Sacral and brings that into her work as well.

Her love of yoga and dance, as well as her fascination with discovering new ways to listen to & read the body through her hands, has lead Nadya to develop and refine her wide variety of techniques. Her unique style address body issues combines deep effective body work, patience, energy, trust and presence, which allows her clients to open up and achieve true relaxation. If needed, she can also integrate techniques using her feet and bodyweight

As a receiver, you can feel when a therapist is at one with their work. Nadya listens to what the body is telling her throughout the session, and she will provide a totally customized massage experience that is effective, long-lasting and nurturing.