Purchasing Group Tickets

To purchase the Girlfriend Special, you will need the name and email of each person attending in your group of 4.

When you follow the link to purchase your tickets on the Hidden Villa Website, and click on the Register Button, you will come to a page with this form.

This will need to be filled out for person 1, with their name, email and choose "Early Bird Individual Ticket."  Then at the bottom left, they will need to click "Add another attendee."  This will need to be filled out in a similar fashion for person 2.  Then click "add another attendee" and fill out the little form for person 3. And finally repeat this for person 4. Once all 4 people have chosen a ticket and entered their registration information, click "Proceed to Checkout."  On the next page, you will see your total, which includes the discount, at the bottom right.  The discount will be applied automatically to orders being made for four people.