Village Teachers & Mini-Healing Session Providers

Thank you for your interest in sharing your wisdom at our 10th Annual  Conference, Women’s Healing Village on Saturday May 16, 2020! Our outdoor collaborative village format allows the community to enjoy a variety of talents and gifts from wonderful women like you!

Please apply here and email with any questions. Once we confirm your offering, we will email you a special link to purchase a Teacher/Healer ticket.

As a Village Teacher or Mini-Session Provider, you must arrive by latest 9:30 am to participate in the Opening Community Healing Ceremony. Or, to participate in the 8:30am workshops, be sure to arrive at 8:00 am to be checked-in at the registration desk.

Village Teacher Ticket and Complimentary Mini-Healing Session Provider Ticket is $100 ($95 less than regular ticket) and includes:

  • delicious organic vegetarian buffet lunch (with some vegan, gluten-free, and meat options), snacks and beverages all-day
  • access to healing ceremonies and classes all-day
  • the opportunity to share, sell or trade your products/services during our 2-hr informal lunchtime marketplace, if you wish
  • you will be featured on our website and Facebook page
  • we will share supportive ways for you to promote your work to our community, and ways you can help to promote this conference to your community.

Village Teachers

Your class will take place in the outdoor village on a beautiful grassy area (this is a rain or shine event). We have a limited supply of tables, chairs, and canopies, and are happy to share while supplies last. We highly encourage you to bring what you need (including decorations and possibly canopy if you want to use these).

Mini-Healing Session Providers

Serve yourself from the buffet lunch first, then offer complimentary 15-minute mini-healing sessions during our 2-hr lunchtime from approximately 12:30-2:30 pm. Your sessions will take place in the outdoor village on a beautiful grassy area (this is a rain or shine event).

BRING all that you need for your sessions, whether this means massage table, or other table, chair, pillow(s), bolster(s), blanket(s), canopy, etc., and marketing collateral to share at your sessions and/or on our community marketing table.

Women will have the opportunity to sign-up for one mini-healing session (first come first served) when they arrive to check-in at the registration desk first things in the morning. If a women misses her appointment time with you, you can allow any other woman to take her place.


Your photo and a brief description of you and your work will be featured on our website. We will promote you on the Women's Healing Conference Facebook page (reaches over 2,500 subscribers) prior to May 16, 2020. Also, we invite you to join our growing Women's Healing Village Facebook Group where you can post about your work and events multiple times a month year-round. Thank you again for offering to share your beautiful gifts!

If after reading this page you prefer to attend this conference as a full participant instead of requesting a teacher or mini-session provider ticket, purchase your 2020 Conference Ticket HERE.

photo by Stevie Abrams