Saturday May 7, 2016

This schedule is subject to change. Please keep checking back to this page as things will be added, and also might shift. You are welcome to partake in as much or as little as you are called to do.  However, we highly recommend that you participate in the opening ceremony if at all possible. This ceremony sets the tone and creates the container for our day together, and helps us to connect deeply with ourselves, each other, and the Greater Web of Life. Scroll down to find Workshop Descriptions.

7:45 – 9:30 am


8:30 – 9:30 am


1. Sunrise Yoga Stretch with Camella Nair, BRING yoga mat; wear layers to stay warm.

2. Herbal Walk with Heidi Patton, Hidden Villa Docent

10:00 am

Opening Healing Ceremony

10:45 – 11:00 am


Organic Teas, Handmade Sprouted Breads (gluten-free options), Honey & Butter

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Girls (Ages 5-14) Sisterhood Circle with Tara Simms. Mothers join for the first 15 minutes for a special mother-daughter ritual, then can either move on to attend one of the workshops that starts at 11:15am, or can stay with their daughters for the rest of this workshop.

11:15 am – 12:30 pm


1. Breath Journey, with Katherine Glasa, BRING mat, towel or blanket to lay on the grass, a hat or something to shield your face from the sun, and sweater and/or blanket to cover you, if you can. Some extra blankets and sun coverage will be provided.

2. Mayan Uterine Care Practices Part 1, with Odelia & Anya Tyutyunik

3. Persian Dance, with Marzieh Gachpour

~~~12:30 – 3:00 pm~~~


– Nourishing Organic Vegetarian Buffet Lunch

– Marketplace and Crafts

– LIVE MUSIC with Aea Luz

– Pampering Oasis

– Temascal (we are creating this herbal steam sauna in a teepee) will be available as a quiet space for up to 6 women at a time to sit, relax, and receive the healing properties of the herbal steam, cleansing for body-mind-spirit. Bring sarong to wear, and/or large towel, for this.

– Possibility of receiving complimentary Mini-Healing Sessions (based on availability of practitioners)


3:00 – 4:15 pm


1. Mayan Uterine Care Practices Part 2: Herbal Temascal, with Odelia, there is no limit to the number of participants for the lecture portion of this class HOWEVER IF YOU ALSO WISH TO SIT IN THE TEMASCAL HERBAL STEAM SAUNA FOR A 15-MIN SESSION WHILE ODELIA IS TEACHING, SIGN-UP FOR THIS AT REGISTRATION. ONLY 20 women will be able to do this (5 women at a time for 15 minutes per group) during this class, and you will need to have a large towel or sarong to wear. Otherwise, anyone can use the Temascal first-come-first served, at other times on May 7.

2. Sound Healing, with ANIINA (Karina Ghor and Jovani)

3. Hands-On Create: Make a Dreamcatcher, with Taya Shopen

4:15 – 4:30 pm


Organic Chocolate and Strawberries

4:30 – 5:45 pm



2. The Healing Art of Fermentation with Kelly Dearie

3. True Vibrancy Dance, with Katherine Glasa

5:45 – 6:00 pm


Organic Teas, Organic Handmade Sprouted Breads (gluten-free options), Honey, Butter

6:00 pm

Closing Healing Ceremony

7:00 pm

End & Farewells

2016 Workshop Details

You are welcome to partake in as much or as little as you are called to do.  However, we highly recommend that you participate in the opening healing ceremony if at all possible. This ceremony sets the tone and creates the container for our day together, and helps us to connect deeply with ourselves, each other, and the Greater Web of Life.

The grounds at Hidden Villa are a fabulous place to go for a walk and get back in touch with Mother Nature, to sit and be still, watch and observe the natural world. During lunch and breaks, you can enjoy writing in your journal, crafting in the art tent, scheduling a complimentary 15-min healing session with one of our practitioners (depending on availability, best to inquire when you arrive and register). And, you can enjoy resting or nurturing yourself, others, and each other, in our Pampering Oasis full of luscious body care products compliments of Mountain Rose Herbs organic body care products, Badger Balm and Redmond Trading.

8:30 – 9:30 am Choices:

Sunrise Yoga Stretch with Camella Nair. Rise and shine and prepare the body and mind for this transformational conference. Camella will lead the class in a series of poses that will open the major joints, de-carbonize the blood, and calm the mind in preparation for healing on many levels. WEAR LAYERS TO STAY WARM, AND BRING A YOGA MAT.

Herbal Walk with Hidden Villa garden docent Heidi Patton, who works with the Environmental Education department. Enjoy a guided walk through the magical organic gardens and learn about the herbal medicine of the plants. Hidden Villa manages a small-scale, organic farm that teaches about and produces sustainable, organic food and practices that minimize outside inputs, promote biodiversity, honor labor, value animal welfare, and respect the capacity and wildness of the land.

10:00 – 10:45 am:

Opening Healing Ceremony

11:00 am – 12:30 pm:

Girls (Age 5-14) Sisterhood Circle with Tara Simms. This lovely workshop begins by honoring the mother-daughter connection with a short ritual. Then, at 11:15 am, mothers are free to leave to attend workshops starting at 11:15 am. Or, for mothers who prefer to stay with their daughters, they are welcome to do so. Tara will guide the girls through sweet rituals to create a Sisterhood Circle, both energetically by sharing wisdom, stories, intentions and nurturing rituals, and physically by sharing beads with one other and creating Sisterhood Circle bracelets to remember each other by. ALL SUPPLIES WILL BE PROVIDED.

11:15 am – 12:30 pm Choices:

Breath Journey with Katherine Glasa. Breathwork is an ancient tool for cleansing, rejuvenating, connecting and harmonizing body-mind-heart-spirit. Awaken your aliveness, intuition and deepest wisdom during this gentle, deeply sacred and powerfully healing practice, embraced by Mother Earth. 30-min a day of direct physical contact with the earth has been shown to decrease stress, anxiety, depression, and inflammation. This will be a deliciously soothing yet enlivening start to your day. BRING SOMETHING TO LAY DOWN ON THE GRASS, A HAT OR SOMETHING ELSE TO SHIELD YOUR FACE FROM THE SUN, A BLANKET OR SWEATER TO COVER YOU, if you can. SOME BLANKETS AND SUN COVERAGE WILL BE PROVIDED.

Mayan Uterine Care Practices Part 1 with Mayan midwife and curandera (healer) Odelia and Anya Tyutyunik, LAc. This workshop will focus on the Uterus as the center of a woman’s body. Uterine health determines the health of the whole body, and the creativity of a woman’s soul. Anya Tyutyunik will present philosophies from around the world relating to this, and the importance of the position of the Uterus in the pelvis, and its connection to the heart and the soul of the woman and the universe. Odelia will present the history and practice of connecting traditional Camadrona (Midwife) practices to the wellness of women and the planet. She will share about the tradition of honoring women’s ability to create life, along with medicinal practices to keep women healthy and well.

Persian Dance with Marzieh Gachpour. Persian dance overflows with femininity, beauty and sensuality. This distinctive style of dance includes lovely, expressive hands, eyes, and face. The hip movements are small as are the movements of the upper torso. The steps are light and can include intricate patterns. In this class you will learn a variety of graceful movements for neck and shoulders, with emphasis on upper body hand motions, and undulations of trunk and arms. Facial expressions are animated and go with the beautiful melody of Persian music.

3:00 – 4:15 pm Choices:

Mayan Uterine Health Practices, Part 2: Healing Power of Herbal Steam with Mayan Midwife (Comadrona) Odelia from Guatemala, will demonstrate uterine self-massage (also known as Mayan belly or womb massage, this is practiced externally). She will talk about the significance of the position of the uterus and ways to heal certain illnesses. During this class, Odelia will invite 20 women to experience a Temascal, with healing steam from herbs she wild picked in Guatemala. She will share secrets of keeping a woman’s center strong and well. The Temascal as it is known in Guatemala (or Temazcal in Mexico), is an herbal steam sauna (sweat lodge). Odelia will share about her practices that help to address feminine ailments through deep abdominal massage, vaginal steams called bajos by Mayans, powerful herbal remedies and rituals. During this time, 5 women at a time can sit inside the Temascal  we have created out of a teepee, and enjoy the soothing and healing herbal steam that cleanses mind-body-spirit.  The Temascal will be available for you to relax in any time during the day, but during this class, only about 4 groups of 5 women at a time (so 20 women total) will be able to use the Temascal for 15 minutes per group. IF YOU WISH TO USE THE TEMASCAL DURING THIS WORKSHOP, SIGN-UP FOR THIS WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT REGISTRATION ON MAY 7. Otherwise, it will be available for anyone to use any time of day.

Hands-On Create, Make a Dreamcatcher! Enjoy Heart & Soul-inspired craft making with Taya Shopen. Allow your creativity to weave your intentions into a beautiful Dreamcatcher. This is a magical and sacred tool that can help you to connect with your dreams and inner wisdom, and can offer protection as well. Stories and techniques will be shared while you are guided by Taya. Fabric, beads, stones, shells and feathers will be provided. Feel free to bring any of your own items that you’d like to weave in (optional).

Sound Healing with ANIINA: Karina Ghor & Jovani. Experience how sound can help you feel better on physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels. Being “bathed in intentional, healing sounds” is a real treat! Immersing oneself in this special mix of vibrations can produce brainwave frequencies that relieve stress, lift mood, remove psychological blocks, decrease physical pain, and realign us with our natural state of “flow.” One can commonly experience deep states of peace, expanded awareness, enhanced energy and vitality, and various levels of healing.

4:30 – 5:45 pm Choices:

Hands-On Create: DIY Aromatherapy Perfume Blending with Alex Mart. THIS WORKSHOP IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 25 WOMEN WHO SIGN-UP FOR THIS CLASS AT REGISTRATION. Learn how to use and blend essential oils to shift your mood, mindset and emotions with Etsy’s Alchemist Alex. Aromatherapy is an easy and sensually delightful way to up-level your self-care! In this workshop you will: Learn what essential oils are, How to find quality oils, and the basics of blending; Smell 20+ essential oils, exploring their traditional and research backed uses; Create your own custom 10 ml roll-on perfume to take home and wear. The joy of essential oils is not just that they smell amazing but they have powerful effects on our minds, emotions and energy. Aromatherapy is used for everything from relieving depression and stress, to increasing mental focus and clarity, to grounding, balancing and centering. Perfect for those who are sensitive to synthetic scents, or are seeking more ways to make self-care simple and deliciously rewarding.

The Healing Art of Fermentation with Kelly Dearie. Enjoy drinking her delicious, nutritious and healing Creative Cultures probiotic fermented beverages. Learn about how Kelly helped her husband heal from two serious diseases deemed incurable by Stanford doctors, and how properly fermented foods and beverages can improve your health and vitality.

True Vibrancy Dance with Katherine Glasa. DJ Katherine is a Movement Catalyst who takes you on a journey that awakens Your True Vibrancy – Body, Heart andSpirit. Enjoy freestyle movement to soulful inspiring music. Katherine’s dances inspires authentic expression, Joyful Aliveness, Creativity, Freedom and Connection.

6:00-6:45pm: Closing Healing Ceremony