Workshop Descriptions for Saturday May 4, 2019

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Schedule for Saturday May 4, 2019

The schedule of workshops will be posted close to the time of the gathering.
Below you will find the general outline.


8 – 9:30 am

  • Registration

8:30 – 9:30 am

First Set of Workshops

  • 8:30 am: Herbal Garden Walk for Women & Girls, with Camille-Lillian Williams
    (LOCATION: Meet at Registration first)
  • 8:30 am: Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Sacred Sadhana: The Ritual of Daily Yoga Practice, with Charina Cabanayan (LOCATION: Indoor Cathedral Room)

10:00 am

  • Opening Healing Ceremony (LOCATION: Outdoor Village Lawn)

10:45 – 11:30 am

  • First Break: Organic Snack & Tea Break (LOCATION: Porch)

11:30 – 12:30 pm

Second Set of Workshops

  • Girls Circle & Crafting (Ages 5-14), with Denise Sacks  (LOCATION: Girl's Rainbow Tent)
  • Village Beat Dance Class for Women & Teen Girls, with Deanna Anderson (LOCATION:  Village Lawn)
  • Breathwork Journey into a Universal Mother, with Luzia (LOCATION: Indoor Cathedral Room)
  • Relationships, Intimacy & Marriage: Powerful Clearings of Conscious and Subconscious Patterns, with Jordana Meade (Red Tent)
  • Healing Digestion with Congee, with Dr. Therese Walsh-Von Keuren (LOCATION: Yellow Tent)
  • Awakening from Anxiety - Living a More Calm, Confident, Courageous Life, with Rev. Connie Habash (LOCATION: Blue Tent)
  • Embracing Your Own Journey, with Alexandra Bley MS CHt (LOCATION: Tables Under Trees Near Porch)

~~~ 12:30 – 2:30 pm ~~~

Lunchtime Offerings

  • Food BLESSING then Buffet LUNCH (LOCATION: Porch)
  • Handmade Trade or Sell MARKET and Clothing SWAP (LOCATION: Outdoor Village Lawn)
  • Mini-Healing SESSIONS (LOCATION: Outdoor Village Lawn)
  • PLAY Time

2:30 – 3:30 pm

Third Set of Workshops

  • Girls Fairy Crown Making Workshop, with Bonnie McKinney (LOCATION: Girl's Rainbow Tent)
  • Herbal Stories of Birth Death & Everything in Between, with Anya Tyutyunik
    (LOCATION: Indoor Cathedral Room)
  • Rebozo Massage Technique Class, with Taya Shopen (LOCATION: Red Tent)
  • Cancer Saved My Life, with Copperwoman  (LOCATION: Yellow Tent)
  • How to Heal your Microbiome Naturally, with Christine Rosche (LOCATION: Blue Tent)
  • Changing Woman and the Alchemy of the Pause, with Laura (Layla) Centorrino
    (LOCATION: Tables Under Trees Near Porch)

3:30 - 4:00 pm

  • Second Break: Organic Snack & Tea Break (LOCATION: Porch)

4:00 – 5:00 pm

Fourth Set of Workshops

  • Inner Child Healing Session for Women & Teens with Garima Shakti Sharma (LOCATION: Girl's Rainbow Tent)
  • MacraME ~ Tying the Knots of Your Roots, with Carmela Meehan (LOCATION: Carmela's Tent)
  • Intro to the Obsidian Yoni Egg, A Womb Balancing practice for Clearing Trauma & Achieving Optimal Vitality, with Ayah Buonaugurio (LOCATION: Village Lawn)
  • True Vibrancy Wild Girl Dance for All Ages, with Katherine Glasa (LOCATION: Indoor Cathedral Room)
  • 3 Sacred Feminine Wisdom Practices for Manifesting Abundance, with Amanda Elo'Esh Johnsen M.A. (LOCATION: Red Tent)
  • Medical Astrology for the Holistic Practitioner, Howla Jardali (LOCATION: Yellow Tent)
  • How To Live From Love, Trust and Faith and Rejuvenate, with Helene Rothschild (LOCATION: Blue Tent)

5:30 – 6:30 pm

  • Closing Community Healing Ritual (LOCATION: Outdoor Village Lawn)

6:30 pm

End & Farewells

This year's conference is
co-sponsored by Hidden Villa.

Discounted Wise Woman Tickets are available for participants 60 and older until we are sold out.

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Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Schedule At-A-Glance

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Workshop Womens Healing Conference

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