Siri Shakti

I began studying yoga ten years ago as part of my training in modern dance and fell in love with the experience of knowing my body and myself from the inside out. My classes and healing sessions are meant to provide a space and tools for transformation and healing by deepening inner awareness and forming a conscious connection with the part of us that is already perfect.

I’ve trained as a yoga teacher in Shadow Yoga (Portland, Oregon), Amrit Yoga  (Salt Springs, Florida) and Kundalini Yoga (Rishikesh, India). I’ve also completed yoga therapy trainings in Breath-Centered Yoga and Embodied Asana at the Breathing Project in New York City. My study of yogic philosophy, the Sanskrit language and living in ashram communities informs my teaching and deepens my practice.  I have been blessed with a variety of teachers from several styles of yoga; I bring each of their perspectives to my current practice and teaching of Kundalini Yoga and yoga therapy.

I am a Certified Harmonyum Practitioner through the Universal Force Yoga Center (New York City) and have been practicing the Harmonyum Healing System since 2009.

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Siri Shakti led the 8:00 am yoga in 2013.

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