Tara Simms

Tara Simms, is a credentialed teacher with 12 years of teaching experience with ages 3 to 18. Tara has a background guiding children in various outdoor adventures with the intention of opening to and nurturing their own personal relationship to nature. Her passion for the creative process, the natural world, and her love of children, have led her to focus her days on doing what she loves by focusing on all three. Currently Tara works with families that local homeschool with Ocean Grove Charter School. She continues to be ignited by Environmental Psychology and Eco-Psychology and enjoys supporting children to create environments where they are free to be curious, creative, and wallow in wonder. Tara is working towards a certificate in a mentoring program for facilitating long-range girl’s circles. Tara can be contacted at 1tarasimms@gmail.com.

Workshops with Tara Simms

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