3 days 3 nights of deep healing
meditative work open to 20 women

Contact Anya to discuss your interest



This is very much a soul journey, many deep questions will be answered, paths restored, strength returned, beauty appreciated, earth will bless and love will penetrate and heal.

“Life is too short not to blossom.”

Come to the nourishing womb, feel safe to come to your essence, enjoy your true nature, your gifts, open your heart, become the center of your story, learn to create your destiny and take it all home to make the world a little warmer for all…

Approximate Schedule


3pm arrival
individual herbal medicine ally
movement dance meditation


morning herbal bathing
breath work journey
preparation for the night plant meditation
plant meditation journey


morning herbal bathing
integration of plant journey
breathwork and healing touch
embodiment journey dance


morning herbal bathing and Limpia ceremony
earth healing sessions
Food ~ made by Earth and Love with herbs and prayers
Accommodations ~ silent yurt full of light and warmth
Location ~ Santa Cruz Mountains retreat center

We require a personal interview with Anya before processing your registration. Please contact Anya by e-mail anyaspractice@yahoo.com, or by phone 917.204.2360 to schedule.